Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Husband If He Watches the Kids

You’ve been craving some alone time and your husband offers to watch the kids.  Great!  But before you go, don’t make him feel like he’s not up to the job.  Let him parent his way.  And, think about how fortunate your kids are that their Dadwants to spend time with them. 
So when you come back home, don’t lose it over too much junk food eaten, mismatched clothes, or diapers that stayed on a little too long. 
  1. You let them do what?
  2. Don’t you know I don’t do it that way?
  3. You took them where?
  4. You shouldn’t have let them eat that.
  5. That’s too rough.
  6. You spent how much?
  7. They stayed up how late?
  8. You let him wear that out in public?
  9. You didn’t change her diaper?
  10. You’re hopeless.

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