Monday, August 12, 2013

22 Men’s Necktie Crafts – A Great Sewing Project

Patchy Pillows
Once you sew the ties together into a square the rest is easy.

Necktie Wreath 
With some simple sewing you can make this wreath

Cup Coozie
It's easy to cut a tie piece and sew on felt and a closure.

Fashion Wristlet
One tie sews up into a cute carry all.


This minimal sew approach uses knots and beads

Patchwork Punkins
You can make these fun decorations by sewing scraps of ties.

Rattle Snake
These make cute stuffed animals for children

Wall Decor
Sew a patchwork rectangle with tie pieces and frame it up.

Sweet Dreams
two layers of tie sewn with batting in between them

Tie Headband
This budget project requires simple sewing

Glasses Case
Cut and sew a necktie into a rectangle, then just add a piece of velcro

Tie Necklace
Simply fold and sew to make this shirt embellishment

Upscale Lampshade
Ties sewn together and draped over a shape can make a great accent

Necktie Wallet
Sew a wallet from a tie and wool suit

School Bag
You need a big of sewing know-how to make this satchel.

Flower Pin
It's easy to make this by wrapping, twisting and glueing.

Button Cuff
Sew together scraps and add buttons for funky wrist fashion

Floral Fashion
These flowers were made using just the tie tips

Fun Lid
Six wide ties are sewn together and hunched at the top.

Boxy Basket
A great project if you are in need of inexpensive organizers

Bow Ties
These fun bow ties have a sewn-on velcro closure.

Necktie Skirt
a Zig-Zag stitch attaches these ties together to make a skirt

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